Wednesday, 18 May 2011

new patterns and bloody kids

i tied this the other day and was quite impressed with the finished item , its nothing spectacular just a standard type 6 inch bait fish and in classic red and white and some flash through it courtesy of gliss and glint plus i also did a video step by step for it and my buddy Stevie was round today dropping some stuff of and had watched the video and asked for a quick look , and was pleasantly surprised at how big it actually looked without tying a whole lot of material into it .

Stevie is away down south next week to fish chew and asked for a couple in this and some new colours i have received so every happy to help i have made a start on a few patterns for Stevie pictures once I've done them but there looking good

i made a start on a few of the above pattern and decided that they may well benefit the addition of a rattle I'm a great beliver in rattles for extra sound and attraction so added one and to be honest you would know they were there unless you looked very closely and they have only a negligible effect on the weight of the fly so why not

in the picture above the middle fly doesn't have a rattle and from looking at them you wouldn't really notice unless you shook them , the rattles are tied in just where the red head finishes at the back of the fly , this really is a great easy fly to make and you really don't have to have the skill of a master fly tier to make them in fact the video below shows how easy it is , yea i know I'm not getting any Oscars for my performance but those who know me will realise that's not what I'm about i have no interest in being the big name know it all , i do this simply to spread the word on what is a truly wonderful sport ............enjoy

oh and the video ends a bit abruptly my 4 year old bus mad son came in and started shouting out bus numbers and bus routes , luckily i know his moves so turned it of before he started ahhh children

spread the word and feel free to use my videos on any websites you like please just link back to where you found it .


(a cave in Scotland)


Dustin's Fly Box said...

I'm gonna check out all your videos! this one was well done!

dave lindsay said...

hey thanks for that im no pro just sharing the love .........:-)

Dustin's Fly Box said...

I have been watching your videos for a little while and I will post some tying love on my blog about it. Great flies and awesome to see someone have the passion for tying as I do mysef

dave lindsay said...

thanks buddy i just love what i do , if i aint tying im fishing, if i aint fishing im sleeping , if im sleeping im dreaming about fishing and tying

BrookfieldAngler said...

Very nice! I love red/white combos and love the rattles!