Wednesday, 4 May 2011

perch perch glorious perch


(and another fine sunny day in Edinburgh)

today was yet another fine sunny and warm day in Edinburgh id risen out of my bed quite early this morning despite going to bed late because i was watching zombie stuff on the TV i should have really been tying flies but i was zonked as Ive been working fairly hard i couldn't even manage a decent conversation with ken when he called yup tiredness is a horrible thing i had all the ideas i wanted to tie in my head but couldn't muster the will power to do anything , it has as well been the hottest April since records began here in Scotland so that takes its toll as well

so this morning i decided to get a few on the hook , i also had to drop my son at nursery so i had a few hours before i picked him up in a couple of hours time , i had promised him to go off to town and check out some buses and go to the bus timetable shop (his version of my orvis) so i set to work on some thing that were floating around in my head

i did quite well on smallies last year on small fish snacks so wanted to improve on the selection i am taking i want flies that look a bit like whats in there lake and what there feeding on , i have a far better idea now after hammering them on bait fish last year so these are the first of the production line

yellow perch

this is a duel edge sword fly as although its small compered to a lot i tie (this is only 4 inch's long) and tied on a gamakatsu sl12 in a 4/0 an incredibly sharp hook and god hook for this kind of tie , this fly I've given a little bit more meat in the way of ep fibre as i want it to be a bit more of a slow sinker the material will help do this and offset the weight of the hook although the hooks don't weigh a lot I'm hoping the smallies Will maybe see this as either a small perch or a black nosed dace but I'm hoping they will just not examine it and just get it down them

perch/ black nose 2

following on the same Principal of they may just hit it because it looks tasty this fly is tied with half the amount of material than the one above it , i want this to fish close to the bottom by tying it more sparsely the weight of the hook will get it down there faster that the other fly i really don't need to test these before i take them over or fish with them because i know from many years experience what these flys will do i spent many many many years on the water experimenting with fibers and hook weights and fly actions , you see a lot of people will chuck a load of feathers on a hook and pronounce it a killer fly before they even put it near water which is crazy i mean imagine making a massive bad ass fly takes you hours to finish you pronounce to the world its the next greatest thing and it has all the action of a brick , get some watercraft fella I'm sure you've all seen this Joe know it all down your local before .

so i managed to get half a dozen of these made before i went to pick son up and we headed of into town to pick up some fabled no 14 bus time tables and a McDonald's (he gets one McDonald's a month before you mail me about all the crap that's in them) its a father and son treat and as you can see by his face he loves a good chip

I've also on the bus to work today thought up a bit of a radical fly to make incorporating the idea of a gurgler its really starting to eat at me as to how t make it and i think i have it sussed out the bummer is I'm not going to be able to do anything about it til Friday when I'm off work , I'm at work writing this just now and ill be getting home around 9.30 pm but then I'm up again at 3 am to come to work and ill be here till midnight tomorrow night as its an election and im working the fecker ...........hey the moneys god and it will pay for the ton of Rosie's jerky ill be buying when i visit ken ............rock n roll baby ...........but hey ill throw that fly around in my head tomorrow and see if i can improve on it and ill do a step by step development in pictures on Friday night

have a great weekend people

Dave Lindsay

(a cave in Scotland


pikepicker said...

great stuff brother...they will get crushed for sure!!!you will love the spot on the big lake to toss those for big feckin smallies...........................

John said...

Killer ties. You'll probably even get some jumbo perch on them!