Thursday, 26 May 2011

leaving on a jet plane (nearly vt time)

the fly fishing dream team
(or nightmare on Champlain street)

so its that time of year I'm about to book my flights to the USA and do some serious fishing and drinking and generally raising hell with my partners in crime above , you know my wife sees it as me skiving off on holiday but i tell her , its not a holiday I'm going fishing ,if i had bass in this country i wouldn't go dear (outright lie there fellas) she doesn't believe me you know ,but how on earth can i explain the rush i get when a large mouth hits you fly on the surface in crystal clear calm waters , or the expectation that at any moment a fish will come tanking up out of the Lilly pads and crush your fly , how can i possible explain when I'm up a mountain fishing 4 inch deep stream for native brookies on dry flies how on earth can i explain the great time on Brian's porch eating great food from his BBQ and drinking firewater while dodging bugs from hell that are intent on killing you from a great height and speed and the rolling around laughing after the thing puts a dent in the woodwork and misses your head by a few inch's , or lying in a hammock in my brother kens back yard drinking a cold beer and chewing the fat

the brotherhood and comradeship of these guys and the great fishing times we have is what keeps me going back every year ,fellas your the greatest see ya in a month I'm busting to get there already

as some of my close friends know i don't do commercial tying really anymore burnt myself out doing over 3500 in one year was too much , and I'm not a guy who wants to be the big shot know it all I'm better than you fly tier , in fact i was tying flies for pike in this country when nobody else was even thinking about the sport , all i am i a guy that enjoys what he does and is happy to share the knowledge that's that no hidden agendas nothing .

i tie flies for 3 company's and that's it each company gets limited amounts of flies tied by me and i don't get any pressure from any of them , each company get unique flies and flies that catch fish the latest and the last company to get flies made by me is a company near Edinburgh called predator bite now these guys also produce a really superb knotable trace wire called authanic wire i know a few guys who now swear by it for fly fishing , well these guys asked me to produce some flies for there website and i was delighted to do it and I've managed to produce some really serious big but light flies at an very reasonable price and the guys have already caught some some nice fish with them click the pick below to check em out

i love tying flies and developing patterns and i just get a kick out of seeing them on the wheel like the picture above, you just sometimes look at something and you know its going to catch fish , again these are available on from the chaps at predatorbite as an exclusive these would probably work quite well for sea species as well as pike , there is some funky new designs as well that are going to be sure fire fish annoyers

so having tied a massive amount of flies this week I'm going to take a couple days off before i start my next project which again will be something off the cuff but really sexy , and a pattern that I've used on and off for quite a few years but never really talked about a lot because they can be a bit fiddly if you want to change flies but theres a product out there that has made it a lot easier to use these flies , all will be reviled next week .

tomorrow ill be sticking up a new fly for the Friday fly cook so tune in

(a cave in Scotland)

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