Tuesday, 24 May 2011

busy times and twittering

have now scummed and am now on the twitter network I've been looking into it for a while and decided it may be a good place for all those that follow the various website and blogs i do , so when i add new stuff to the sites i will update it on twitter as well as facebook , this way people will be able to keep track from one place either twitter or facebook , it will also update and post on facebook site when i post on here ...... new technology eh click the link below to follow

back to normal fly tying post

busy this last week oh hell yea I've been busy i had a major fly order to finish part of which is in the picture below so that took up a hell of a time as i had to fit it in around work and family i choose not to do many commercial ties these days and i tend to pick and choose very carefully where my work goes , these will be on sale shortly via a website and i will post when there up there .

so i busied myself getting this lot done it was 100 flies which i was supposed to deliver today along with going fishing for the day (rare day off ) so i did them and then realised when i was packing them up that i had actually only tied 90 i had actually miscounted the entire lot , oh bollocks i was supposed to deliver them today and i was working last night so the only thing left to do was to take some stuff to work and tie off the last ten , I'm very lucky to be able to do this at work because I'm usually busy at the start and end of my shifts and nothing in between and the great thing is my bosses don't mind me doing it , so often people will walk in to my office and find the fly wheel going round with assorted flies stuck to it as below last night , the funny thing is i often get to have some great conversations with people about fly fishing .

the box below was to be today's test box sadly with the high winds and devastation suffered over the last few days in Scotland (although nowhere as near as bad as the USA tornado's) the trip today was abandoned so they will have to wait that's the way it goes

new patterns

jack pike ( 8 inch's) epoxy head

belly -yellow body fibre (piketrek)

back- Lindsay's jack pike green gliss and glint plus (deercreek)

hook - sakuma manta extra 6/0 (sakuma.com)

eyes - gold 8mm (piketrek)

thread - clear mono

I've also been experimenting with some new colours in gliss and glint plus in fact these colours are so new threes not even a name for them yet , I'm also playing around with using less materials but creating a bigger but lighter fly as you can see things are coming together quite nicely . just wish i could get out and do some fishing .

later folks


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