Monday, 2 May 2011

pickerel pimping and sub buggin

the time is fast approaching when I'm heading to northern America to fish for heart stopping large mouth bass on the surface big small mouth bass and monster chain pickerel as well as some other very cool species thrown in , OK so the last few month's haven't seen me out fishing much as I'm working like the clappers to pay for it but let me tell you once you do this you'll keep coming back for more its pure fly fishing crack

some I'm starting to get some patterns together in between doing a big fly order , if your doing a lot of flies at once of the same pattern its good to take a break with something different and i needed to tie up a few of the fly above as this was a killer for me on Champlain last year and this pattern caught me my first and biggest pickerel of the trip and man did it hit it , i later lost the fly when a massive bowfin chomped it , but this fly shifts a lot of water and has everything you could want in a fly on the northern lakes where loads of species will hit it a killer pattern for me

i tie these on orvis pike and musky hooks by far the best hook I've found for doing sub bugs yea they ain't cheap but they are perfect for the job you will see from the profile above it certainly looks like a snack , the eyes i use are the plastic cat eyes in black epoxied on with normal 5 min epoxy , this gives the fly the weight that gives it that glide bait action that makes these flys so deadly , and let me just remind the doubters out there this is not a dhalberg diver its a sub bug it glides from side to side and makes a lot of noise on and just under the surface it doesn't dive , i really hope you understand that before you go of on a rant about it being a dhalberg some people FFS they really have nothing better to do

I'm also hitting an out of the way pond with ken that's got some rather tasty pickerel in it so Ive made a few smaller bugs but have added some rattle eyes from piketrek these are tied on 4/0 bass bug hooks from orvis these have a long shank and you can get a sizable amount of hair on them so perfect for what i need I'm also going to do some gurglers on these later this week but my boxes are filling up nicely and i have a clearer idea of what i need from my trip last year

ill also be targetting another favorite species of mine on Champlain the white perch i have a record to break for this one, White&yr=2010 great fun on a 5 wgt a real scrap so I'm just in the process of knocking up a load of wolly bugger type flies for these , smaller flies are not usually my thing but ill improve on the tying after a few so a box full of these will be heading that way as well so all i have to make now is a load of my killer crayfish pattern and im done although i think ill end up with thousands more than ill actually use oh well it good to be prepared

my fishing brother ken is starting to get out and about and sticking some fish he missed out on a huge walleye earlier today on a guess what yup a sub bug check out ken capseys pike adventures for the low down

have fun


(a cave in Scotland)

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Anonymous said...

Olive conehead wooly buggers, very nice. One of my favorite patterns over here in Kentucky for smallmouth bass.