Saturday, 14 May 2011

good clean fun and bargains

had an email through facebook yesterday (my profile is pike flies if you want to hook up) lovely chap called Andy , well he had been looking top offload some tying stuff as he was pretty much only doing salmon flies now so had no need for all the synthetics and DNA stuff hooks etc etc and as he was in Edinburgh wanted to see if i was interested , well er yup i was so a couple of emails were exchanged and i meet Andy at haymarket train station this morning to do the exchange and it was great to meet a fellow fly tying enthusiast i just wish i could have stayed and talked longer but i was on my way to work , so thanks again Andy , i did however have the feeling that the CCTV there was probably watching this strange long haired guy handing over cash and receiving plastic carrier bag in return , i was expecting the police to show up and try and bust me . you ever get that even though you completely innocent you cant help feeling what your doing is wrong and the feds are watching waiting to swoop on you for dealing in fly tying stuff .........:-)

eurovison song contest joke "whats blue and cant sing"


OK so I'm not going to get any Oscars for my performance in this video I'm not really into producing hi quality fly tying videos i just stick my digital camera on a small tripod and shoot , the reason i do them is quite simply I'm asked to , and I'm happy to help the video above i did for fellow facebook Friend and fly tier jens from Sweden , who makes some pretty amazing salmon flies , well he has also got some great places to pike fish and he has started to do the odd pike fly as well and pretty good they are as well , so i wanted to give him a bit of a head start on things and knowing Jens he will add his own slant to it as well cant wait to see what he comes up with .

the only down side with doing videos on a camera is your restricted to time and how much memory you have to play with and you can only upload 15 min videos onto youtube so if you want to do longer videos you have to do them in a few parts which is a bit of a pain , so i try to keep them to under 15 Min's if i can , and it took me nearly 3 hours to bloody upload the thing whats all that about ....

trying to beat the clock while fly tying is no easy thing and no doubt ill have to in the future do 2 part videos for more complex flies as although the video is a bit rushed know people did enjoy it , i can rush these kind of flies out dead fast but when you trying to explain things it can slow it down a bit , but hey the finished product is all good and will catch fish

a slightly closer view of the final fly , i like to call these hot heads as the head is always a bit more of a vibrant colour than the rest of the body , will these catch more fish , well hell if i know i just enjoy tying the things and its in colours ive done well on before so i have faith in them and other people have caught on these so alls good

my desk remains suitably nearly tidy after the video , this is my get away space and has fantastic light in the afternoon , i always enjoy my time here .....

on a separate note ken over at pike adventures son kaiden just walloped out his first trophy bass at 18 inch's on a fly rod and he did it all by himself , well done buddy great fish makes it even better when your dad caught nothing

have a great weekend


(a cave in Scotland)

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