Wednesday, 27 July 2011

3wgts and flies

im blessed indeed with first rate bosses who don't mind me tying flies at work as with the job i do im very busy setting stuff up for the first hour or so then im pretty much around if clients need me so i can get away with tying no problem , so more often than not somebody coming into my office will be faced with this on my desk and i had lots of questions from people but now they just kinda look at me with a "poor boy" type of look and leave me to it .........:-)

so with my impending perch trip coming up , and the forecast is for rain at the end of the week although its like the caribbean just now in Scotland , and before you all head over here or up here let me tell you its only like this once every 2000 years in Scotland it will be back to snow tomorrow ho hum welcome to gods country , but the bonus is that if the weather is a bit off then it will keep the numpties off the water and ill be left to fish in peace and quite

so i needed to get some cone headed buggers done as more often than not the fish are done hugging the bottom on the shallow venue i fish for them in , brother ken had sent me some awesome streamer hooks a while ago and these were perfect for what i wanted to do , interesting at this point i can point out that as you can see the picture above is slightly blurred even on the macro setting on the camera always had that problem with close ups , but then after a year of owning the camera i accidentally push a button and it comes up with super macro setting , holy mother of god why oh why don't i ever read the instructions , the photo below is using the super macro setting ho hum ................:-)
so with my new David bailey type skills (famous photo dude if you didn't know) i took some more of the patterns im going to use if the weather holds up tomorrow the pics below are just smaller bait fish patterns

and a few more close ups (loving the super macro) im sure Jens over in Sweden will approve he likes his small perch flies

boxes of fishy goodness

fly fishing purists look away now

OK now this is a very grey area in the UK some fly fishing purists are going to cough and splatter into there cream teas down by the chalk stream , yes correct there's rubber things in the fly box . well i make no apology to those tweed encrusted toffs , you see i believe that fly fishing itself is all about the delivery method of your chosen lure / fly i say lure because a bait fish pattern isn't really a fly as such the fly part is the delivery part as i said i.e the rod and reel .

so when i go out fishing i like to sometimes catch fish and if i can maximise my catching them by having the odd grub or tiny rubber lure then so be it and the purists can go and drink earl grey in there lodges ....end off


so i had my new 3wt arrive yesterday and i must say i am greatly impressed with it and the reel provided i didn't want to spend a massive amount on new gear but on the same token i didn't want crap and its always hard buying new rods over the net as you cant have a cast and see how it feels , i would have gone to a shop and bought one but unfortunately for me the only place i seemed to be able to get a 3 wgt was from orvis and i really didn't want pay 300 pounds for just a rod so the net it had to be and i got the rod reel and line for a great price of £69.06 here's the deal i got brook trout deal great price i thought , and i thought worth the chance , funnily enough i was speaking to Ernie the pffa sec and he said he had bout the very same rod for stream fishing and it was really good so looks like i struck lucky on this deal .

so as the weekend approaches i hope you all get out for a throw wherever you are in the world

tight lines


(a cave in Scotland)


e.m.b. said...

Tying at work? Nice! The flies look great...even, the blasphemous ones. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I love the curly tail grubs. All of us fly fishers have tied on something plastic haha.