Monday, 4 July 2011

onwards and upwards

so without a doubt its been a fecker of a few weeks and ive had a ton of rubbish dumped on me from various sources and heights so i had to take some time out to sort stuff out , you know life throws you a few curveballs sometimes and you just have to deal with so i did and am now getting on with it not a lot i can do about it so pretty pointless dweeling on it so therefore onwards and upwards .......

I've been an angler since i was a boy growing up on the tweed and in all that time I've had the odd staining nettle sting and ant bite but never really had anything serious while I've been fishing which is quite strange seeing some of the places i fish you'd have think i may have come away with more than a few Midge bites imaging my surprise when i was at work and i discover this beauty on the back of my leg , i had had an itch when i went to my bed the night before so something must have got me ouch oh well as i said before onwards and upwards oh if threes any doctors reading this any ideas .

with all that's been going on my fly tying karma had taken a back seat but I'm now getting some ideas , here's a couple things i did just before my karma left , although I'm feeling that itch and have patterns going through my head so i think there may be some serious tying going down this week .

the superfloat baitfish

uncle Greg over at piketrek sent me some of there new and very cool superfloat fly foam now Ive only just scratched the surface with this stuff with a popper type fly (above) I'm thinking along the lines of using this for an off the bottom type Bobbie fly with this and all Ive a few ideas with using piketreks creature skin tubing , first results look very promising so stay tuned

bucktail baitfish
i also decided to do a few deceivers , again deceivers are a staple fly in a lot of fly anglers boxes and one of those flies that just keeps catch and catching , of course there is a million and one different colour combos you can use ,this is just an example and a colour i fancied and these take so little time to make you can fill a box in an afternoon

overtaking the world

my fly boxes all used to live in various fishing boxes but they seem to be spilling out all over the place just now , i should really get to grips and start sorting them out properly

inspiration for this week

i sometimes forget what i have in my materials boxes despite having a great idea were everything is sometimes i forget what i actually have in my boxes so when i was digging about a found some cool colours in sf fiber and some and some h20 , so ill add some white bodies to them and think ill have some cool bait fish patterns (see I'm getting my mojo back) ...............

so onwards and upwards stay tuned


(a cave in Scotland)


AYearOnTheFly said...

Great looking feathered beasts. But that puss filled thing is hideous. You might want to use a #2 chemically sharpened mustag on that thing then get it looked at. Dang!

e.m.b. said...

I got some pretty hideous any bites, that turned into hard red welts on various parts of my body which will remain un-named. But now, I feel pretty good about escaping with just ant bites. Dang! The bucktail baitfish looks super effective. Nice!