Tuesday, 12 July 2011

reinventing the wheel

was supposed to be away fishing today but it got cancelled last min due to my Buddy's car being in the garage hell these things happen so i thought id blog up what i got up to last night .
reinventing the wheel

or in this case , dan blantons flashtail whistler OK not actually that the fly needs anything done to it i mean its a killer fly full stop and has caught hundreds if not thousands of species worldwide , so why tinker with it , well just because we can , as fly tiers we are always looking at new things to do with patterns and evolve existing patterns that's what I've done with this simply because i can


I've changed the design slightly from Dans original and this one comes in around 6 inch's and I've replaced the small bead chain eyes with big plastic sea eyes (predators like eyes) although they look big and heavy they really are not being made of plastic , you can use epoxy or stick on eyes on them as they are recessed matter of personnel taste i think

a simple red and white basic pattern that will catch fish wherever you go

of course as is normal with me if i love a pattern ill end up making a few , not that i lose a massive amount of flies in fact i hardly lose any at all its just that i end up giving loads away

all the flies above are tied on sakuma mantas as i don't like to use an overly heavy hook on these flies as i think it makes it sink t0o fast and effects the action of the fly , just a personal observation , of course if you want to fish it on the bottom then a heavy hook is a better option

so with that its back to the bench i have some some new ideas i want to play with



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