Monday, 18 July 2011

the full shooting match

the whole shooting match

got to hand it to uncle Greg and the trek boys , they keep coming up with amazing stuff and fantastic offers for the predator fly fisher both in gear and tying materials i mean check this out


All three lines that you need in one pack. If you are tooling-up with 11 weight fly lines for pike fly fishing look no further.

3 fantastic quality weight-forward taper lines that will cast large pike flies with ease. One each of High-Floating, Slow Intermediate (1.5" per second), and Fast-Sink (equivalent to Di7 or 7" per second).

These are top-quality lines with a very supple finish, which is extremely pleasant in the hand and shoots through the rings like a rocket. Completely memory-free and as tangle-proof as you can get.

We use these lines ourselves here at Piketrek, now we wouldn't do that if they weren't any good, would we? Watch any of our Youtube videos if you'd like to see them work. Cast really well on a Pikesaber or any other rod that can handle them.


sorry to say that's a bloody bargain if your in the market for a new lines well what you waiting for


now I'm hearing on the grapevines that some people are slagging this off , well you know it makes me laugh when those very same people haven't tried it , i mean how on earth can you slag a product off when you haven't even tried it , in my book this stuff is going from strength to strength with a lot of predator anglers changing over to it , I've also sent some of to the states to a couple of hardcore guys who i know will really dig it ...........

so in conclusion to these idiots i say until you've tried it shut the f**k up I'm sick to death of these know it all dicks who dispute only being in the games for 10 Min's they think they know ever thing there is to know , I'm sure you all know people like this and you probably even got one in your local club ..

click on the picture for a wire which will change the way you fish


have fun

(a cave in scotland)

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