Thursday, 14 July 2011

free speech for the dumb and the scrap baitfish

we all have it you know those bits and pieces of scrap materials that fall on the floor or in your waste bag and let me tell you even after a few months that stuff mounts up , i mean have a look at the picture below and check out this Ziploc bag absolutely full of rubbish , bits of deer hair from trimming sub bugs bits of synthetic fibers fro right across the range i use bits of flash etc etc if you can tie flies with it then Ive probably got some in this Ziploc bag .


OK I'm hearing you fellas I'm hearing you say whats he got a ziploc bag full of crud for should that have not gone in the bin or something ....... well actually being a Scot I'm bloody proud of getting value for money outta everything i use and just think about the amount of stuff in that bag , i mean if it was available commercially what would we pay for a bag that size , probably quite a bit for this special blend let me tell you and just look at it colourful shinny stuff that's gotta work for something on

birth of the mcfry

you got it i came up with a really great solution so that nothing is wasted at all and its really simple and you can make these little fry in loads of different sizes the ones featured are tied on 3/0 Aberdeen's i have done them on very small hooks also and also I've done them on 6/0 hooks and let me tell you they work big style

this fly above has got a plain old straight uniform body and a couple of eyes croc glued into place , the method of doing this is very simple and only takes a few steps in fact i may well do a vid for it , but it really is simple all you do is lay down a base layer of cotton thread and place a thin layer of glue on the shank , then tie in some black buck tail for the tail , now here's where you can go to town with your imagination because you could also use just sparkle flash , marabou or any other product you like for the tail , i just like to use a little buck tail

then all you need to do is wax a section of your thread and take a pinch of your waste product from the bag bet tween you fore finger and thumb and roll it between them on the thread , it will then for a kinda weird looking colourfull rope that you just wrap around the hook shank and keep repeating the process until you reach the hook eye , if you want a thicker head or body just bring your thread all the way down to the back of the hook and add another layer in ......

the eye is simply glued on at the end and allowed to dry , the fly below I've added an extra wrap of the dubbing to create the bigger head profile

so there you have it folks the mcfry OK it may have been done before but couldn't find anything similar to it , and let me tell you this fly in the smaller sizes is deadly in streams where there is a lot of very small bait fish , this fly will catch you fish wherever there is fish that eat smaller fish try it you'll be surprised .........

if you didn't quite get to grips with my wacky tying instructions and want a video step by step then please mail me at the normal address and if threes enough interest ill happily done one for the folks

remember free speech is a right even for the dumb that's why i say nothing


(a cave in Scotland)

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loughcorrib said...

Have been at this myself for a while as well.My problem !Managed to tye up some grand GPeters using the contents of my waste for dubbing,They worked a treat which is wonderful yes,but now I can't duplicate the colours.Wish I hadn't tied them sedgehogs.The deerhair messed up the previous mix.