Thursday, 21 July 2011

a small change in direction

I'm off chasing perch next week , not my number one predator to chase , simply because i find it very hard to catch the little buggers i sometimes catch them by mistake while pike fishing , my biggest on the fly to date is a fairly impressive 3 and a half pounds , although a great fish its somewhat tainted as i was chasing pike at the time so not really a targeted fish not that it matters but it does to me a bit ..........


the venue I'm going to fish is a slow moving canal and if you've every fished a canal you ll know they can be bloody featureless places at the best of times so staying mobile is the key to the approach on these venues so fly fishing is perfect for it really although sometimes casting can be a bit tricky . so to the flies well fly tying Friend in Sweden Jens sttevoll has great success in fly fishing for perch and recently came up with some great flies so i borrowed the patterns and tweaked a little bit to suit my needs

bait fish

the first ties are based on the Jens baitfish quite a simple little fly but looks great comes in at around 3 inch's and tied on a 2/0 tiemco hook and a nice natural colour as well

same thing again except this one has a big eye compered to the body and a nice chartreuse body and the peacock herl tops it off nicely


bugs is pretty much all you can describe these as but Jens does fantastic on them so if it works for him then its got to be worth a try in my local

a slight variation on Jens pattern in that I've used a normal chenille on the head section and ive also used plastic eyes (these actually come from a blind its the bead you use to pull the blind up and down )

so with the box now filled with these creatures im fairly confident of getting a result but i may do a few more colours yet

synthetic K-19

my synthetic version of the k-19 didn't quite work out what i had in my head and i ended up with a baitfish instead but i know what i did wrong and ill try again later but cool bait fish none the less


(a cave in Scotland)

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Sanders said...

Really cool looking flies. I hope the perch like the offering :-)