Tuesday, 19 July 2011

back to natural


(ken capsey style)

i have been side tracked by the vast array of synthetic fibers out there and what can be done with them lately , and i was having a break in between having lunch and going to work and i was browsing pike adventures brother ken capsey pics on facebook and a particular fly of his took my eyes and i though that's sweet but what if i did this and did that to it mmmmmm may work out or it may turn out a pigs breakfast only way to do it is to try it so i did and this was the first result the K-19 in yellow and gold

i was quite impressed with how light this was for a big 7 inch fly so i tied a few up and posted them on my facebook page , well one of my friends asked if id got the idea from a Chinook salmon fly , well to be honest i didn't but i had a dick around the net and did find some great looking Chinook flies and could see how he would have thought that but just goes to show there's nothing new in fly tying just the stretch of our imaginations , and as I've said before improvisation is the key to some great patterns..........

THE K-19

(yellow / green and gold version)

i could have put eyes on them but i really didn't feel the need on these ones as i plan to use them as slow sinkers rather than deck bouncers , i am however going to do some deep water versions of the fly , well it would be rude not to really wouldn't it

THE K-19 pink
(pink and pink flashabou)

you may laugh at a big pink fly but trust me this colours has saved me from a few blanks on hard waters . OK other times it hasn't but you get the picture don't you, give something different a try may save the day and im sure there's a few waters that haven't seen a pink fly before especially in the UK .....dare to be different

K19 - silver baitfish

i also have a very cool idea for a synthetic version of this fly and ill hopefully get something down on an iron shortly i need to put a little thought into it first stay tuned

this is a very easy fly to make and i shall be doing a video tomorrow for it (time permitting) so thanks for the inspiration brother .



(a cave in Scotland)


pikepicker said...

nothin but love bro...thanks and great post!!! Rad flies!!!

David Romanillos said...

Very good flies, for me they are very used. Greetings.