Thursday, 24 September 2009

alien hair big heads

been trying out a few new materials for making the big head flies originally i was using ep fibre but there is a load of materials out there that although not ep will probably do the job with the heads so Ive started to experiment with some different fibres

these flies above have all been tied with a great material called alien hair available from Alex at zoota lures

this material is also more hard wearing than ep fibre and less prone to be ripped off by big angry pike , the first time i got some of this was about a year ago i bought all 23 colours i mean at £1.25 a hank you really cant go wrong and Ive just re ordered yesterday so that's a helluva lot of flies

the great thing also is although Ive just re ordered material i still have bucket loads left in 3 inch+ lengths because I'm tying big pike flies most of the time i always have odd bits left over the great thing with alien hair is i know i can still build up some pretty impressive smaller flies for either saltwater or smaller predators

id also recommend this for those starting out in fly tying for predators as you can tie up a pretty basic but very good looking bait fish in a couple of Min's i kid you not great material also to tie massive flies like the one below 10 inch's really holds it shape well

so get on over to Alex's site and buy a couple of hanks honestly you'll never look back

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