Tuesday, 1 September 2009

been a bit quiet on the blog this week due to having visitors this week how rude of them , anyway back at the vice and been digging out the circle hooks for some streamer type flys

circle hooks lend themselves very well to this type of fly and the hook up rate is crazy

a lot of times with normal hooks the fish will inhale the fly the spit it out if your not fast of the draw , the circle eliminates this and as the fish goes to spit it out the hook will catch in the lip on the way out i honestly haven't had a deep hooked fish on circles and there is no need to set the hook as they do this themselves

as with new things it comes down to confidence but just go out and try it you'll be surprised at the results and more fish to the boat hey that cant be a bad thing , the only real downside to circles is the hook shank length you cant get a massive amount on the them but as you can see with the pictures above you can get enough for a snotrocket snax

and a couple of normal hooks just because i wanted to sf fibre and flashabou on the one above

a mixture of synthetics and naturals on this one just for something different

enjoy brother of the fluff

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