Friday, 4 September 2009

thoughts of leaves falling

so as the summer fades away my mind heads toward visions of a local water with leaves that have fallen of the trees and float around the surface before sinking to the depths , are my thought with pike for this month or so no my thoughts are turning towards the humble perch

yes that fish that is truly beautiful to look at black stripes big rolling eyes and a bad attitude and a nice set of spikey fins .

I've never really had much luck with other methods for perch but for some reason the fly always gets me bigger fish usually from 2 pounds upwards my biggest on the fly is a rather impressive 3lbs 8 oz with is quite a fish by any body's standards let alone on a fly rod

flys for the job in hand

first up a basic 4 inch bait fish made with flashbou and dna fibre

olive super hair with an ep sparkle body and small epoxy head for this 3 inch bait fish

again super hair with an under belly of yellow angel hair

ill no doubt have a few more done before i get out at sunrise in the next few weeks stay tuned

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