Tuesday, 8 September 2009

bargain fly tying

well the wife and i went food shopping at a a local retail park and we had to go into b and q to get a light bulb so while we were walking round i found this in the clearance section a foot long and has no difference to flashabou in size of the strands just bloody loads of it in a pack and at 50 pence a pack what a bargain .

but when we got to the self scan check out it came up at 6 pence per packet even better so i picket up a few packs unfortunately they only had red and one pack of white , quite happy with this we were on the way out after paying and i decided to get my son a fruit shoot drink so put the money in and it gave me a free can of red bull as well could this day get any better

so we went over to tesco to pick up some food for dinner and i was looking around and i came across these bags of flashabou in pearl in 6 inch clumps oh my god 80 frigging pence a bag so 2 bags were purchased

so i reckon i got a really good deal and the stores haven't even started stocking there Christmas decorations yet thats when i really stock up hey ho i love cheap materials ........tight lines fellow flingers of the fluff

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