Saturday, 5 September 2009

slippery when wet

i wonder how many tiers out there think about there flys i mean we all spend a hell of a lot of time in front of the vice making up the most beautiful creations be it for pike bass trout salmon whatever you tie for , but do we actually think about what goes on when the thing is wet while we tye it.

well sometimes it is just nice when things come together simply by running the thing under the tap yup that's what i do , or if the wife's not around ill stick em in the bath with me attached to a small length of mono to see the action in the water but hell thats another story and i aint putting those pictures up on a blog so have a look at the tap wetted ones instead

the finished fly nice and dry this time a 7 inch bucktail and flashbou fly for pike

the same fly after being under the tap it actually thins out a lot more in the belly when soaked a nice fat baitfish profile

still a nice body shape front on

same again but with a different colours

so there ya go have a think about it and get em wet


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