Sunday, 20 September 2009

gear gear gear

crazy i was over looking at simon grahems blog yesterday and he was saying that sometimes people take way to much gear fishing and how bloody right he is sometimes i cant help it if im out and only take a certain amount of flies and have not to great a day a day ill be like i wish i had that bloody box of parrots they would have caught today etc etc etc

the pictures below are of the box i take on boats everything neat and tidy and there must be close on 800 odd flies in the boxes and wallets and always when i get home i get the box i keep the wet flies in out and you can bet ill have a dozen flies that ive used and caught on in that box so why the bloody hell dont i just take the same ones every time ,

well ok so if i catch on a new fly brillient but i just cant friggin help myself ill look at said fly and think mmmmmm if that had a red tail / eye / back etc etc and i end up with 20 variations on the fly that caught me the fish in the first place , i call it what if syndrome

ok so if im not on a boat or im going on a road trip i take this bag below i can only get half the stuff thats in the box above in it and a couple of rod tubes strapped to the top and the flies i take always do me good

so if i go roving about or wading ill take the bum belt below now i can get half a dozen finsport wallets in it traces camera bits and bobs enough to do me for a trip

so the question is have i really lost the plot because im always coming up with new fly ideas and i need boxes to put them in i mean i tie up at least 25 new flies per week and thats on a bad week and when my board is full i put them into boxes which ultimtley end up being added to the big box for a boat trip

so i can see myself in a years time having to sit down a week before a trip and decide what flies im taking with me then what will happen is ill probably change my mind days before the trip and have to go through the whole sorry process again

ah hell thats half the fun of it ill just keep taking the tablets and buying more boxes

tight lines fellow brothers of the fluff



pikepicker said...

The madness! Ilove it tie tie tie....there aint enough boxes bro!

Anonymous said...

Lets face it Dave....your a feckin tackle tart mate! : )

dave lindsay said...

LOL si i try not to be mate sometimes it just happens