Thursday, 17 September 2009

variations on a theme

ok so the last few weeks ive been really busy getting the new sub bug site ready for launch so ive been tying deerhair flies like crazy , so yesterday i decide to play with some ep and sf fibre and here is the result although i need to work a little bit on the heads but im nearly there ,

the flies although not technically sub bugs work the same way the heads have been trimmed the same as deerhair flies giving a nice bulk and with the added eye weight you get that same great gliding action on the strip , the flies below are mostly around 7 inch's long enjoy ...........

standard red and white ep fibre with a touch of pearl flashbou

the red and white ep fly great bulky water shifting head

again all ep fibre orange and yellow with pearl flashbou bit of a flame head this one

and again bulky head

this time ive used a zonker tail and sf fibre

zonker tail and sf fibre

white ep fibre body and blue sf fibre head

enjoy and see ya all tomorrow and thanks for all the emails from all over the world really interesting hearing your points of views on flies .........Dave

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