Tuesday, 22 September 2009

lifes a bag of fluff a view from the cave

been a hellava weekend with work 3 hours sleep in 48 and no fly tying so i was gaggin to get going at the vice with some new colours on a new kind of fly , im heading to a big reservoir in the next few weeks after some monster snotrockets so i needed to beef up some bigger flies anyway so here's the result......enjoy

like my Buddy ken over at pike adventures a constantly full coffee cup is needed at all times

this is a a variation on the classic red and white colour , the fibres have been mixed to create a candy floss fly will it work maybe but at 8 inch's i reckon there going to find it hard to resist

8 inch jackalike maybe bordering on a baby pike i think i need to darken the the top fibre nearly there though and there nothing a pike big pike likes better to eat than a baby pike

basic bait fish again 8 inchs and heading down the roach pattern road nice red throat ive done a step by step for tying this and it will appear on my pike fly tying website sometime this week although you cant see it this has also got flashbou tied into the head the camera didn't pick it up though

shoal of gliding ep heads yup a good mornings work .........see ya soon

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