Saturday, 24 July 2010

back to the vice

so got back to the vice today and needed to warm up a bit as I've not been near the vice for a Little bit and i also have a special project flies to do (more on that in a few months) so because of working last week and wedding preparation's I've not had the time to tie flies although I've had plenty of ideas
dirty water is always a pain in the arse and one of my local venues is pretty much constantly like that and I've found that orange and yellows do OK so is set about making a few patterns

these are pretty basic bunny bug type flies with a rattle built in these flies will hit the deck and stay there and will fish hook up which is pretty much how you want them to fish as the pike are always stuck fast on the bottom in the sections i fish and you really don't want to fish hook down as you never know what your going to hook into i I'm not talking fish

any colour as long as its yellow and orange quite simply you cant go wrong with these and a rattle for a bit of extra attraction does no harm as your bumping them across the bottom , i know theres some massive perch in there as well and id love to hook up to some it will happen at some point hopefully sooner than later

all of the flies are made pretty much with the same materials orvis magnum zonker and orange arctic fox in orange I've added in some nice orange UV sparkle from piketrek around the rattle and just to add a something little different in the way of flash
so after that i spent a few hours tying up the flies for a special project which i cant say anything about just now , I've also been reviewing the new pike fly fishing book from wollsoncroft-dodds which will appear on a few sites soon so what with all that and everything else that's going on it been a hectic few weeks so ill bid you farewell for today and hopefully see you all Monday for some resumed chaos
tight lines
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Bill Trussell said...

Fantastic looking flies. I am not a streamer fisherman but am thinking about starting to use them. I know they will land big trout. Great Post.