Friday, 2 July 2010

more adventures in foam

so if you havent been over to my website latley you should check it out theres a few changes on there all you need to do is click the pic below and check the news section


so I'm on a bit of a foam kick just now I'm loving experimenting with what i can do with it , so i said to ken and Brian id do some for them to play with , the flies I've done just now are proto types the ones ill send over to Vermont will have weed guards on them so they can chuck them in the thick

mmmmmmmmmmmmm large mouth snack

so after making the segmented ant above which will give little pops on the surface i thought hang on how about incorporating a gurgler head design on a segmented body throw in some rubber legs and see what happens so here ya go here's the result pretty dam good i think

so now I've got that sorted ill get a few tied up and sent out , i say a few maybey a couple as they take bloody forever to make although very enjoyable to make .

hopefully ill get a few done in chartreuse and other colours done in the coming few days and stick them in my don't use till may 2011 box

tight lines



Jeff said...

If you need some more inspiration check out these Idylwilde foam bass flies:

dave lindsay said...

crazy guys them know them well