Saturday, 3 July 2010

hard at work today

so Saturday and I'm at work and today I'm kinda lucky as i only have one booking in for a couple of hours so well there only one thing to do and that's bust out the porta work fly tying kit
my desk at work today

as I'm still on my foam kick i didn't need to bring much i have a medium size snap lid deep food box which i can store my portable vice and base , glue , varnish , thread , box of hooks and little bits and pieces that i may need , in this case rubber legs as I'm still on my foam kick ,

unfortunately i just happened to fall into orvis on the way to work which was a real bummer as they had the very rubber legs i was looking for , i had a little gold sparkly number than i needed to get on a hook

so with that off my chest and on a hook i though mmmmm how would that look with a little deer hair behind the head so off i went again but this time i managed to get a little bump at the front of the deer hair which will disturb water and add a little something to the action of the fly

so now that I've done a few of these patterns and I'm really happy with the result and i know they will catch fish , i have a sneaking suspicion that the largemouth bass will be crawling up the line for these baby's , however in this country i think the pike and chub will have a go , I'm going to go and do some testing of these next week to see how they ride

so whats next well i have some pretty funky ideas for a slow sinking version of the foam flies but that will have to wait till next week as I've pulled a long shift tomorrow and wont be able to tie at work what a bummer eh

tight lines

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