Monday, 26 July 2010


yup and I'm on the last train folks , a bit deep and a bit dark for me well not really I'm getting married a week tomorrow and although i feel i should be getting on with the wedding preparation's but I've no need to so i guess ill turn my attentions to tying flies up but more on that later
so i was digging through some stuff and i realised that my vt fishing license is still valid and ken been doing pretty good so maybe i should go jump on the plane i could be throwing gurglers in 24 hrs at largmouths ...........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

the pickerel are on it oh hell this picture below was sent by ken and the pickerel were really going nuts for flies the other night and the fly in the picture is one i tied for ken while i was over there on one of the weeks many too hot afternoons chewing the cud in front of his vice guess the work then

OK you know you want me , you know i look good , i have the moves , I'm waiting for you , come and get me

been working with the piketrek rattles today and tying with some of my favorite materials , I've done a short step by step for the pike and predator flies website which ill up load tomorrow so watch for that tomorrow as it is something that some people have a little bit of trouble with so glad to help



now i love to break down a fly and see how it works so i tied the bug thing up below with a local venue in mind where i have to fish the bottom have to fish hook up and rattles score well so , i sat and thought about it and came up with the fish snack below

I've fixed in a rattle within some creature skin weighted the head with some Mr bond but what I've done is added Mr bond in layers so that i get more weight on the bottom and therefore the hook sits off the bottom which is perfect for what i need the fly below is tied on a 5/0 hook so that will give you an idea on size

thats it for today

tight lines and get on a plane

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