Thursday, 1 July 2010

the pike saber the greatest pike rod ever

yep you know i banged on about the pike sabre fly rod I've done a review , I've abused it with fish in the u.s.a in some of the toughest conditions ever for fishing , ive abused it with massive flys on the lake of menteith , I've hauled large mouth bass out of the thickest shit in the world and you know this rod has flown through it all with flying colours

hey but listen don't take my word for it take a look at the guys that use this rod day in day out here is some quotes
"the greatest rod I've ever used for pike"
"if somethings good then you gotta shout about it"
"the pike saber is feckin awesome"
"had quite a few doubles on it now really cant fault it"
"chucks out the biggest wettest bunny bugs with no problem at all"
"the rod all others should be judged by"
quint the lake of menteith fishery manager trys the saber and like it
of course if that ain't good enough for you there some top reviews out there like this one below
pretty much say it all really or here's mine from the pffa website its about halfway down
or if that ain't good enough here's one from brad bohen the world record musky on the fly holder
these are some of the views from the top people in the sport believe what you will but i think you'll find these are the best and most honest reviews you'll get anywhere of the pike sabre also these guys don't have any kind of sponsorship with other rod company's enjoy the reviews from people who know what there talking about and have been in the game for a lot of years

or just go but one and try yourself click the link below

tight lines mucfluffchucker

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