Tuesday, 6 July 2010

rubber legged cat puke again

so the weather is still rubbish and I'm really not fancying getting a soaking before even I've wet a line , i don't mind if I'm already out and actually i love taking shelter while the rains come down and theres that lovely damp fresh smell after a shower
so i decided to carry on tying up some rubber legged cat pukes in different colours well red and white as you cant fail on that colour
unlike my USA versions I've decided to weight these with a wrap of lead wire the reason for this is that i intend to fish these close to the bottom where the fish on my local usually hang around the bottom most of the time although you can catch them on the top as the water is quite shallow and its easy to raise them up in the right conditions

classic colours
red and white is a colour you cant go wrong on so of course i had to tie up a few in the cat pukes

slightly different no red in the tail this one

i ended up tying bloody loads in the red and white and i wanted to try some different colours but only had time to do another one so i made the one below fairly quickly so i knew what id be tying otherwise id just forget so when i open the box tomorrow i know what I'm tying must be an age thing

so that's the cliffs bugger barn nearly filled up with perch/smallie snacks i think however that i need to buy another of these boxes as i still need to make a box of crayfish ......mmmmm

so another day done and I'm really looking forward to later on when i can see how ken over at pike adventures got on with his river float with Brian after smallies apparently it went rather well
so looking forward to a good write up ken
tight lines

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brian said...

Next trip you make over...Im swappin bugger barns...you wont know till you get back across the pond..