Wednesday, 28 July 2010

big baitfish with deer creek eyes

deer creek crystal eyes rock
do eyes on flies make a difference you know I'm really on the fence with this one as i believe some patterns do need them they give a strike point for predators on other flies i believe don't need eyes just by the very nature of the fly itself i.e deer hair divers which have a lot of action , eyes for me need to be good if I'm going to use them and i only use 2 company's for them as i like quality and one of those company's is deer creek a UK based company that has a great reputation so when nick sent me some sample eyes i was delighted to tie up some big bait fish using them

the flies you'll see further down I'm sure you'll agree look great and at 9 inch's a fine predator sized snack and there not that hard to tie and you get a fantastic looking fly

these flies are tied using the Steve farrahs hollow tie method use very little material and look great , i wont go into the hollow tie method as its well documented out there on the net but if your interested a video can be watched here
its a great method and can be adapted to many types of material

ken over at pike adventures came up with a great yellow perch pattern and i thought what a great looking fly and that was it i had to go make a big version of it so take one above using deer creeks crystal eyes just to add that special something
YELLOW PERCH (version 2)

id completely run of of yellow ep fibre so i headed down to orvis and they didn't have any either so had to make do with a fluro lime colour which turns out to be actually quite a good fly and nice with the crystal eyes

so do eyes add anything I'm still really on the fence but one things for sure they look great get on over to deer creek to see the full range click the link below


tight lines

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