Monday, 12 July 2010

rattle n hum

adventures in rattles
well that's what it seems like as from the post the other day (was it yesterday i cant remember) ive been tinkering about with the piketrek rattle (click any of the pictures to go there) and as I've said before they are a brilliant design and theres so much you can do with them so ,
as per the step the other day you can tie them right onto the end of your hook or hanging off the end as picture below or with a short length of mono whipped to the back of the hook

another way to use them is to tie them in so there just in at the back of the head like below (hook is a 6/0 gamagatsu sl) tie it on top of your first wrap of material and glue or varnish , i find that a few wraps of mono thread does the job and a bit of varnish

one the fly is tied you can see the rattle is virtually impossible to see and is secure inside the head incidentally the fly fly below is constructed completely from piketrek materials including there fantastically cheap Mr bond UV kit (again click the picture to go have a look)

crease flies

Brian the chef out in vermont is really doing the business with crease flies just now well one that i left him although it is getting a bit battle scarred now so I'm making up a new batch for em , and yes theres rattles in them as well these thing catch like buggery so again pretty easy just to tie em in on the hook shank i prefer near the front of the hook eye as this will on the strip and pause give a great dying fish look

a pretty simple but effective pattern I've always scored well with a number of species withe the colour below and a little flash out the tail the fly below is tied on a 5/0 Aberdeen hook

just another fishy colour black and silver again with a rattle , I've still to tie a short buck tail tail in yet but you get the idea

below is what my darling wife made me for work tonight a fine cheese topped tiger baton with lettuce, tuna and onion and mayo

whats that got to do with fly tying well absolutely nothing at all just a pure act of randomness on my part and it was bloody tasty was it as tasty as a big fat steak from brians grill er no
tight lines fellow lovers of the fluff

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pikepicker said...

right on I'm hungary...thanks!! Good post as well those rattles look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!