Sunday, 29 August 2010

food and pike flies

chicken and chorizo bake

i enjoy a bit of cooking as well as some fly tying unfortunately or fortunately depends which way you look at it so does my wife so she stated a new part time job on Friday so decided to cook her a nice meal of chicken and chorizo oven bake with grilled melted cheese on top and it went down a treat which was a good thing as i announced that i was extending my trip to America from 2 to 3 weeks next year to indulge in my favorite top water antics with ken ..result

more foam adventures
still playing with piketreks creature skin and foam baitfish ideas a plenty at the momment the one below is just another colour combo i spoke to greg at piketrek who said he wasnt keen on the hooks and to have a bash on large silver hooks off course ive already done this as youll have seen the other day but i think its down to personel preferance i dont mind either way there will be more to come next week and ill do some on big sivers as well

piketrek rocks

i know i bang on a lot about the guys at but i do it for good reason because they provide a great service for uk pike fly fisherman , sure there is a lot of sites out there in the uk that have fly tying materials for pike but not really any that soley cater for the pike fly tyier only check em out im sure youll be plesently surprised

gettin your vitmum c with some orange
well id tied up a shed load of these when i first got the body material from piketrek so when they started doing the rattles i kinda thought id better do a load with the rattles as well basic baitfish flies with the rattle stuck in behind the eye if you look close youll be abble just to make out the shadow of the rattle a really great pattern and an easy one to tie as well

the full effect a great 6 inch baitfish

hi tie injured baitfish

this is another great method for making baitfish with some added sparkle and very easy to do all you need to do is tie in a wrap of flash fibre then a pencil sized length of body material and continue tis till you get to the hook eye decreasing the length of the material with each tie the effect in the water is a very free flowing baitfish and natural looking give it a go



i have my daughter here for the week so id better get of and do some family stuff

tight lines
(a cave in scotland)


pikepicker said...

Bro did you tell Shellie that with a mouth full of food??? Hey I am going to stay with my brother for 3 wkjbtghmzm in VjhlksggnT is that ok???? Nice ties bro need to knock out some of those orange cream dreams for my arsenal.............

dave lindsay said...

ha ha ha yea bro if she dosnt like it ill just buy a one way ticket buhaaaaaaaaaaaa