Tuesday, 10 August 2010

new waters adventure

I'm planing in the next week to hit some new water the water in queston is on average 5 or 6 feet deep pretty featureless but does have some good fish the trick is to track them down on another part of this water where you caught a fish one day it may be devoid of fish the next its actually pretty exciting fishing as you never know what your next cast will bring

what lies beneath

well who knows bridges and man made structure are always a good target area for a few casts as they can produce not only pike but pretty good sized perch as well the picture above is one of my target spots the bridge opens up to a slightly deeper basin watercraft is everything on venues like this

the business end

this water has a large percentage of smaller pike and to be honest i don't mind what size they are as long as they take a fly although there is some very big fish to be had in there i never go with the thought that these are the fish I'm going to target . i know from experience that smaller flies in the 3 to 4 inch range will catch big 20lb plus fish i know this because I've done it .

so with this in mind and the fact that threes a lot of smaller fish and the chance of a perch or 2 im opting for clouser minnows bounced off the bottom along with some bunny type flies for movement all the flies with have some kind of rattle as well due to the fact is usually quite coloured but either way I'm quite looking forward to it

i actually have more clouser minnows than i know what to do with but I'm just going to go and make a few more in green and white well better having too many than running out

tight lines


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pikepicker said...

great post brother...can't wait to see the outcome!!! Show-em whose boss!!!