Monday, 16 August 2010

we like it wet and burger storys

sometimes we get drunk sometime we cant finish our food sometimes we fall asleep well full respect to brother of the pike fly ken capsey from pike adventures who managed all 3 at once last night , i knew something was up when i didn't speak to him last night oh boy he sounded like a pigs breakfast when i did get to speak to him today , funny thing thing is he said he did call me and talked unfortunately he dialled the wrong number so he spoke to somebody in the UK we just don't know who .......dufus way to go bro ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

back to all things fly tying
so yesterday i made up some flies with rattles from those lovley chaps at pike trek and eyes from nick at deercreek these were flies that i need for a trip on wed
fish pie anyone
i needed to get these wet to show the difference with the rattle flies when wet so a soaking was in order and as the wife was out i used one of her nice Pyrex dishes soak them in

so to the flies , yesterday i half made a big streamer with the rattle on the hook shank well below is the finished product at around 4 inch's is perfect for what i need and the profile is perfect for the shoal of baitfish that swim in the venue I'm going to i think these will produce the goods

predator snax

the pattern below has the rattle tied out the back and the fly is then tied hollow tie style and again when wet gives it that great baitfish profile

the fly below is pretty much tied the same as the other with rattle and hollow tie method the only difference on this is that I've used the longest bits of bucktail and twice as much to form a bigger back on the fly giving the fly when wet a bigger profile , so the more you use on the back the larger the profile will be and of course the reverse can be done by using not a lot of bucktail and you get a skinny minnow , these flies I've done specifically for pike and perch on a local venue you can of course Taylor make them for any venue or species you chase freshwater or salt

i also did some clousers yesterday with the rattles below is the final result again when wet the rattle disappears this again done by loose tying the rattle out of the back of the fly away from the hook shank if things get tough ill bounce these of the bottom

it will be a couple of days till my next blog as I've got prep to do for the trip and i have to get some gear together for my buddy who's coming along and hasn't fly fished for pike before so it should be a blast and hopefully ill get him on some fish
see you in a couple of days
a cave in Scotland
*and remember kids don't drink eat and fall asleep in your food it wont kill ya but you never know who's watching ........................?

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