Wednesday, 25 August 2010

we love big flies


been on a tying frenzy last week and came up with a few favorites in colours from my days when i used chuck lumps of plastic so here's the results which all have a rattle inbuilt

piketrek high Tye

the hook is a 6/0 octopus hook all the materials are from the rattle is hidden in between the eyes the eyes are then covered with a thin layer of epoxy the whole fly is tied high tye style which if you've never used this method is well worth a go as it allows maximum movement of the fly materials with little actually tied to the hook a full step by step on high ties can be found on my website here tie a high tie or theres a slightly more difficult although still easy high tie roach using ep fibre and sf fibre click here to see it


deceivers are always a good fly to have in you box and is a fly that will pretty much catch any fish that eats other fish it can be tied in any size and in the colours as above may be mistaken for a roach in freshwater or maybe a sand eel in saltwater

playing with eyes can give you a completely different look but still an all round great fly

the eyes on this fly are from nick has a great range of stuff and like they are a UK based company so if your in the UK please support these guys as there as passionate about fly fishing and tying as i am even if your overseas these guys still provide a great fast service so please check em out , i am not sponsored in anyway by these company's i just like to support great service and product

tight lines all
(a cave in Scotland)


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

great work man....the bass around here would eat the hell out of those

dave lindsay said...

thanks pat