Sunday, 15 August 2010

playing with noise

Sunday Sunday Sunday
well while most of you fisher folks are out catching fish on a weekend i have to work yup I'm one of these people who work dam hard sat and Sunday so i get my fishing time in during the week , but that does have its advantages because not that many people are out during the week so i usually never see another angler .
so as I'm at work and my job means that i have gaps where not a lot is going on so like today i can take a little portable vice and play with a few patterns today was one of those days and the other great thing is ill choose just a couple of materials and that's it ill see what i can come up with just a few materials without being tempted by the massive amounts of stuff at home i could play with

my desk at work today
playing with noise
i wanted to play around with the piketrek rattles and see what i could come up with in the positioning of the rattles on various types of fly so i started with the clouser minnow some of which i need next week
the rattle below has been tied with a couple of wraps around the lip of the rattle then the clear mono is bought forward and whipped onto the hook shank thus creating a loose attachment to the rattle .

(i usually add a dab of varnish to the mono around the lip) then the bucktail will keep it in place when wet and as you can see when more materials are added the rattle almost disperses (ill put some pictures up of the finished and wet flies tomorrow so you can see the full effect as you know a fly does change shape when wet

so next up i wanted a small baitfish pattern again with a rattle so i called upon an old striper fly pattern that i had seen years ago but done no tinkering with , well this was the perfect opportunity to do something with it .
so as you can see below i have tied in a thin tail section of green and white bucktail then added the rattle in front of that whipped it down and varnished it in place next step is to hollow tie in just in front of the rattle 3 bits of white bucktail (with some flash if you like) so you get it looking like the picture below

then add in a thicker bit of your chossen bucktail for the back again hollow tie it and whip it in to the lip of the rattle you can see that you have the makings of a respectable baitfish forming you then continue to hollow tie in till the hook eye (again finished fly ill post tomorrow )
*sorry for no finished flys to look at these will be posted tomorrow , as i was at work i couldn't get the eyes epoxied in as although i could have done this at work as although they don't mind me doing flies at work they do object to me stinking the place out with epoxy
and that's my Sunday at work crap life eh

thanks again for following the blog and catch you tomorrow
(a cave in Scotland)

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