Thursday, 12 August 2010

gator eyes and stuff

strange old week this week had lots of ideas in my head but not a lot of time to do anything , so it was a bit of a relief when i got a few Min's at the vice today , as i said yesterday I'm going exploring new waters next week and i need some specific flies for the job and they have to have rattles in them to give me an edge in the colored water i need to find fish holding areas and catch those fish and move on i believe that the rattles in the flies will give me the edge , if the water was clear id probably go for something a bit more flashy ..........................

the fly above is a great all rounder and will catch any fish eating predator in water I've lost count of the amount of fish I've caught on this pattern and a stripped version this fly could be mistaken for a number of bait fish and can be tied as big or as small as you like the one above is 5 inch's long and has an inbuilt rattle just behind the eye and entirely built from ep fibre

the flies above are built clouser style and needed to be build so they ride hook of the bottom they need to fish slowly along the bottom with short strips to get the rattles working these are really made to annoy a docile fish on the bottom that really isn't interested in food but to try and provoke an instinct of an easy meal and make the fish snap before it realises its not hungry and its worked before so a few were tied up just in case things get tough

steelhead story's

one of my many facebook fly fishing Buddy's was saying how he liked some big muskie flys that id done and how smaller ones may be good for steelheads out in Oregon so i was more that delighted to do some small versions for him so the will be heading west this week , they would probably make good perch or bass flies as well

so that's that got some gear sorting to do for next week as well as I'm taking an old pal fishing hes fished before with lures (yuk) and has fly fished a couple of times for trout so i thought he'd enjoy a day out and hopefully we will get another convert to the sport looking forward to it
a big thanks goes out to nick at for gator eyes and they are available from his website a
tight lines

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