Tuesday, 31 August 2010

life in foam

I've been amazed i really have at the amount of mails I've had regarding this foam fly and considering its only a Mk 1 i think i may be on to a winner , I've been asked to do a bit of a breakdown by various people on some aspects of the fly and where to get the bits to do it so i have listed links at the bottom of this post to materials

so many thanks to all who have contacted me and i hope you find this useful

the foam template is quite easy to do just draw out the shape on a bit off card or a bit of paper and the cut the foam around the template youll have 2 bits as below

remove the paper from the back of the foam and place the rattle on one side then stick the other piece of foam on and pinch together as below once you have stuck it together you can then trim around the sides to even it up

once you have stuck everything together and trimmed it it will look something like below , you'll also notice where the rattle is at the front because the weight is towards the front this will also give the fly a bit of action in the water

i usually at this point colour the foam before i put the creature skin on then once i but the creature skin on ill then colour it again i find this gives a nice depth of colour , for colouring i use nothing more than sharpie pens perfect for this

the tubing itself is called creature skin and is from piketrek links are below , the creature skin is a great item it can be stretched to give you various scale patterns and also colours very easily

the trick with this pattern is to stretch the creature skin over the foam the heat the ends with a lighter and roll the soft plastic with you fingers do the same with the other end and your skin is on , the tags at either end are used to tie the fly onto the hook the other end can be used to place a pinch of bucktail for the tail

tomorrow ill answer the questions about the hook placement and hook types for this
thanks again for all the questions
(a cave in Scotland)

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SMB tech geeks said...

You make it all look & sound so easy - are we all going to have a 'Blue Peter' moment, when our version of Tracy Island looks cunningly like a collection of toilet rolls & washing up bottles?!