Friday, 3 September 2010

who am i

nuff said
so today is the last day of my daughters week visit and i have to go and work for a couple of days over the weekend and then i have some plans for next week which involve a whole heap of new material from pike trek so i was relived to see the postman today perfect timing
a bundle of trouble

i love piketreks creature skin I'm just getting to grips with it and starting to think of some radical ideas for it as you'll have seen in the last few days Greg over at pike trek has come up with a cool hollow roach i had a study earlier of his pattern and came up with a few ideas to perhaps improve on it or maybe make it easier to make although i love his idea with the iron and i can See myself getting in trouble later with one

OK so i have the goods what am i tying well I'm thinking gurglers with chenille body's and rattles for these bits below i think we may have a few more weeks of possible top water fishing so maybe worth a go again results next week
pike trek have also upped there game and are introducing a new range to there site (click the pic to go see) threes some fantastic colour blends and looking forward to getting tying with it next week
from piketreks website

Ready-blended mixes of our own FIRE-FLY Fibre in a range of fantastic colours, just right for all those pike flies in smaller sizes. Supplied in 18" lengths and hanked in the middle, which is just right for flies in the 4 to 6 inch size range.
Sold elsewhere under many different names, including the most famous name of all, but not at this price!
Great effects can be obtained very easily, and the simplicity of use and user-friendly nature of this product means that really good flies can be constructed in a short space of time. Ideal for all popular methods of tying in, including "Hi-Tie" and Puglisi styles to name but two. If you can't build great flies with this stuff I suggest you go back to buying them ready-tied! This fibre will take a pantone pen very well and is so light and durable and does not hold water, making casting your flies a doddle.
We have at last managed to secure a deal with the manufacturer of this fibre, which means we can offer it to you at an incomparable price. It is not a cheap copy, it's the REAL DEAL! ENJOY!

cant complain at that and as always with pike trek you get quality goods with fast shipping at a great price the guys are fast becoming THE one stop shop for all you pike fly tying needs and of course the brilliant pike saber fly rod its well worth a look
tight lines till next week and if your fishing this weekend i hope there all 20s
(a cave in Scotland)

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