Wednesday, 15 September 2010


well documented within these pages that i had a storming trip to my redneck brother kens place in Vermont where i demolished well over 250 fish on the fly back in may and realised that although he may be a bit of a hick redneck and i really don't know how his Mr's puts up with root beer drinking ways , the guy is probably one of the dam finest fly anglers and human beings that has ever slept with the farmyard animals but sorry i digress

while i was on a video call to him last night we got chatting about flies as we usually do and he was saying that he was having a fantastic time catching over 35 pickerel on one fly not bad going on one fly , and lo and behold it was a fly that i had tied for him while i was over well that must be some kind of record well except for the 40 odd fish i caught on one of my crawdad flies

so 35 pickerel on one fly and its been hammered by these toothy gladiators and its still going strong that's some dam pattern whats special about it well buggered if i know maybe its just the way i tie them but that's got to be value for money or what
location x

where ken has been doing the damage not a massive water but it does has a few surprises in the form of some monster largemouths I'm just waiting for ken to get one but hes having fun with the esox just now so I'm sure he will get one soon enough has to be said though i will be spending a few days chasing specimen's on this water next year

proof of snack ability

these fish wanted it bad they were not nipping the tails of these flies they wanted it down there throats and on more than one occasion kens had to get forceps down there and still the fly remains intact

just shut up and eat

i loved catching pickerel while i was over there and if you match your outfit to these plucky fish you can get some fantastic sport out of them and i really look forward to getting into a few more .
my week has been quite so far we have had gail force winds and rain and even a prediction of snow so I'm going to get down to some serious fly tying today so check back in and see whats going down
and of course you can catch up with ken by clicking the pike adventures link at the top of the page
tight lines fluff flingers

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pikepicker said...

damn fine post bro...hats off to you....get yer ass over here in May if you think round 1 was fun.....wait and see what we do next!!!!