Tuesday, 14 September 2010

smallie flies

starting to get a few patterns together for my trip next year and smallie flies are a must i learnt a lot while i was out there and on one particular venue ken took me to the smallies seamed to like a small bulky fly the bigger horses we were catching were all to a smaller bulkier fly so i went back to the drawing board and came up with a fairly simple fly
the slow sink muddler is quite simply a muddler with orvis dumbell eyes built in to the head this type of fly has been very successful for me in the past so i cant see a big smallie passing it up

orvis do a great range of dumbell crystal eyes with an eye to match pretty much any colour you want to tie with

below is the same fly as the one above except I've not added the dumbell this i will use for surface work and dead drifting on kens river where the fish are pretty savage and really have a go i foresee a few more colours in these mmmmm chartreuse anybody

so that's that for today I've got a few ideas knocking around that ill start putting on hooks tonight its been a real drag trying to do stuff the last few weeks due to a combination of tiredness , drunkenness , and badweather bluesness and work means I've not been doing a lot but i have the ideas in my head so hopefully this week .......

tight lines till tomorrow fluffers
(a cave in Scotland)


Pat Cohen said...

nice....try kiwi muddlers too...rabbit strip tails....they kick smallie ass

James O Durbin II said...

Is ken fishing for little baby smallies?????? I throw the same flies as I do for pike. Most of the pictures you see on my blog have been caught on my big orange streamers.