Friday, 17 September 2010

fire-fly fibre

had a chance today to get my head around some more fire-fly fibre from pike trek so decided to make up a few big pike / muskie flies for no other reason than it needed to be done and I'm quite into tying with it just now and I'm tying things a bit different with the synthetic fibre these days I'm tying using even less materials than I've ever used before and I'm getting a better fly every time

the new technique I'm using simply involves using the thickness of a pencil lead lengths of fire-fly fibre this means you can tie a very long fly with virtually no weight , in the fly above and below I've also Incorporated a pike trek rattle this is set behind the eye if you look carefully you see I've tied in some orange body material in short thick clumps just behind the eye and covering the rattle on top of this I've hollow tied some strips of fire-fibre again very thin pieces what this does is create a nice contrast on the head as you can see right though it so it creates a kind of hot head fly i love it , I've also enhanced the fly with a touch of orange sharpie pen hey presto a banging pike / muskie fly well i think any way but ill be doing a step by step for this next week so get you stuff ordered

a couple of perchy patterns using the fire-fly fibre many thanks to nick at www, for the gator eyes

from piketreks website

If you are thinking that this looks just like the most popular fibre on the market, then you'd be correct; it's one and the same! We have been trying to get hold of this stuff at reasonable cost for a while now, and we have at last managed to do a deal direct with the manufacturer. This cuts out the wholesaler and affords us the opportunity to offer it to you at a hitherto impossible price!
Extremely well-known and available under a few different names, we offer "Fire-Fly" in 11" long hanks in a wide range of colours, and at a sensible cost. If there is only one material in your armoury, then this HAS to be it! Quite simply superb!
Brilliant for all "baitfish"-type patterns and all those other flies that demand a material that is not only strong and durable, but holds very little water and casts beautifully.
Very fluffy and bulky once tied-in, and an absolute pleasure to use, taking up very little space on the hook shank.
Eminently suitable for all tying styles, with nice strong colours and excellent mobility in the water.


and they ain't kidding


(a cave in Scotland)

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