Wednesday, 22 September 2010

fishy facts

Fishy Facts: The more sardines that are placed in a can, the greater the profit as sardine oil costs more than the sardines. don't ever say you never learn anything visiting this blog

something for the weekend sir

so still having a busy week tying flies for some Friends to try out on fall predators and something really cool is that a couple of fish made it onto the Vermont master angler programme which I'm quite chuffed about they should really have something like this in the UK any way click the link below to go take a look ,the fish wasn't harvested as it says it was set free to fight another day


OK I'm going to share a secret with ya now i used to use this quite a lot on flies especially foam ones for spots and stripes etc it comes in a massive range of colours and is really cheap and easy to use its like the consistency of porridge and can also be used to make your own eyes (ill do a step by step for this ) click the picture above to go check tulip out

so i was making some flies last night and decided i wanted a bit of a rubbery head on them them i remembered the tulip fabric paint so i dug out the box and even after a few years it was still usable so here's what i came up with luminous heads , I'm digging that its also worth a mention that competion trout anglers use this stuff to make flies like the one below

my flies tend to be slightly larger though

these flies I've worked the tulip into the head with my finger to spread it about a bit and have stuck the pike trek rubberized eyes on top the material I've used is piketreks pike body material
in fact as you can see I've used it in all the ties on this page

some flies will require a second coat but that's not a problem with tulip as you can put it on around the eye without worrying about it or you can add a different colour on top or even spots whatever you like the stuff being fabric paint is also waterproof so perfect for flies either for building heads or sticking on eyes , the only real down side i can find is that its best to leave it for 24 hours to fully dry but you don't need to put your flies on a rotary drier as i said before it doesn't drip

other things that are going down this week which I'm quite excited about is some new hooks I've got coming in to try so stay tuned

tight lines Friends and thanks for the ride


(a cave in Scotland)

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