Monday, 27 September 2010

the road to winter and outrageous in-laws

what a week its been this week i had a fairly busy week since Thursday , Friday i was called into work for a few hours and sat i started work at 12pm and finished Sunday morning at 7am which was a long shift but it pays for materials , unfortunately at this time on a Sunday morning i cant get a bus home i have to wait for an hour for the first bus to run so i nipped into McDonald's for a sausage ,cheese, and egg bagel which was pretty tasty or was it just that i was tired and i thought it tasted good mmmmmm not sure but it wasted some time before the bus came
well i got home and had a couple of hours sleep before i had to head with the wife down to the coast of Edinburgh to my mother and father in laws ruby wedding anniversary which was being held in this beautiful and very old Dating from the 15Th Century (1441), the church is the oldest building in south Queensferry. and was built a full 50 years before America was discovered to give it some prospective

my in laws are really great people i love them all to bits unfortunately some daft sod suggested we all meet in the pub BEFORE the church service as you can see from the picture below the female members of the family were absolutely delighted about this yes these really are my wife's aunts and a cousin i can see where she gets it from now great day was had though

another bonus of Sunday was that while the customary pictures were being taken at a harbour close by i found a fantastic looking fishing spot which I'm going to be checking out soon although i feel i may have left it a bit late in the season but there may be a couple of species i can still chase from there with the fly i need to go tie up some clousers

breaking news
as we all know the lads from the development dept at piketrek are always on the look out for new products and i got this fantastic picture of uncle Greg testing out a new anti snoring device for those overnight trips where you share a car/tent with a buddy they put in 4 hours testing on this product driving around the derby bypass more updates as we have them .

ken is in the process of doing a prince and is changing his name so from this point on he will be known to all his Friends as LIMB you see it turns out that our brother limb has developed a new sport what you have to see how close you can cast a fly to a tree without it actually catching on a branch although from reports its seems like brother limb needs a lot more practice
on limbs blog the other day there was a fantastic step by step for a pickerel fly that incorporates a tandem rig well limb but the theory into practice and came up with pretty hot little pickerel pattern as you can see limbs fish puked up some of its lunch great photo limb

limb is getting well good with the camera theses days when i was over he showed me his cameras which was a small compact water proof camera and takes fantastic pictures even has a great big round float on it so if you drop it in the water it will float brilliant idea and some great shots like the pickerel below nice brother limb

limb with another fine pickerel caught from his secret pound i cant wait to get back across and have a couple of days after these great fighting little fish , i love the colour of the trees in the back ground winter is on its way

its crazy we all have a bit of a crazy past i think and we've all been somewhere maybe we shouldn't have or done things while we have had our beer glasses on this i think is a part of a learning curve of life but imagine if like limb below your walking across a field to you favorite fishing spot and you come across all your ex girlfriends in one place i think i too would be pulling a face like limbs

so another week starts and i have as usual a whole heap of stuff planned just depends on Scottish weather / wine drunk the night before / flies i need to tie etc etc etc so look forward to catching you all soon on what is without doubt the most random fly fishing blog out there

tight lines and see ya all in the week
(a cave in Scotland)
out on a limb

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