Monday, 20 September 2010

whos drew

i caused quite a stir with my Sunday piketrek preach yesterday all in a good way people got it and laughed along with us , one question did come up a few times and that was who is drew price
well i first came across drew last year when i was digging around for patterns for long nose gar for a client and i came across a picture of drew with a massive garfish caught on the fly nice i thought and thought no more of it then last year i found out that ken capsey also knew of him as a guide in Vermont since then I've found out that not only is he a top guide but a helluva nice guy and fly fishing all round maniac and drew really knows his stuff which why hes one of Vermont's top guides you don't get a reputation like drew has through bull i tell you

still not convinced about drew well the next thing we do is to look at Vermont's master angler programme which is all about catching specimen fish of various species drew has a staggering 28 entries to date click the picture above to go see (yours truly has a couple as well coming up) below you'll find just a few pictures of Drew's fish hes caught and all on the fly


monster brownie

this trout is a staggeringly beautiful fish just look at the colours on it you would think this came from a Scottish river and when trout grow this big they do it by not eating a strict diet of nymphs they will be chomping small fish so yes it is a predator

long nose gar

this fish was 46 inch's long a real garzilla and simply a stunning catch these fish are hard enough to catch at the best of times so to get one this size is quite simply a stunning achievement

common carp

i cant help laugh when i see Americans catching carp on the fly you see in the UK fish are named people go into mourning when they die have funerals and all sorts , you can pay thousands of pounds to join a syndicate to fish for them in America they are treated like any other sporting fish to be caught and thrown back in they are not rally highly prized in fact some people hunt them with bow and arrows can you imagine that in the UK .......
anyway fancy a few days chasing big carp on the fly its quite easy for a UK angler to do fly over get a hotel for a few days and drew will provide everything you need in the way of rods flys etc and he will take you out and catch you the carp of a lifetime and for a lot less that it would cost you to join a top syndicate over here i can tell you


i had a couple of close encounters with bowfin when i was over there one was at 6.30 am when i was barefoot wading on sand up to my backside and a massive bow fin followed in a hooked white perch id caught i was standing staring at this fish which was staring right back at me not 6 feet away from me i actually thought i was going to lose a leg theres a reason they use boga grips on these there like a conger eel with the teeth of a great white very pleasant

common carp

another nice fly caught carp for drew , you know some people spend thousands of pounds on gear and bait and club / syndicate tickets to never catch a fish like this Drew's out there with nothing more that a canoe and a fly rod and getting fish like this booked your holidays yet chaps
freshwater drum

by all accounts quite hard fish to catch and one that ill be sticking on my list for next year along with those garfish
bowfining with drew

I'm looking forward to spending a couple of days with drew and ken next year if you cant wait then click the link below to go over and check some guiding out you wont be disappointed see you in may drew

i shall be MIA in the next week as i have quite a lot of stuff to do and I'm hoping to get a few days on the local fluff venue as there is a chill in the air the water is getting clearer and I SMELL PIKE so don't worry if you don't here from me ill be chucking flies
see ya at the weekend folks
(a cave in scotland)

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Razzle Dazzle said...

Great post...loved it.
I've read other versions of Drew's achievements floating around...
yours rules.