Wednesday, 29 September 2010

onwards and upwards

"The PIKESABER is the Pike Fly Rod that all others will be judged by. It has been specifically designed for the rigours of Pike Fly Fishing. It is made from the finest materials. From the bespoke and unique fighting butt, to the un-ground blank finish, everything has been thought of, and though about. It has now got approval from the Pike Fly Fishing Association" ,

some people just didn't get it what it was all about the ultimate pike fly rod you can quite understand there point of view something new comes onto the market making some bold claims but time is the best judge of a product and the pikesaber just goes from strength to strength and know the chaps have introduced some new fighting butts as well

PIKESABER - Black - 10 Weight 9'00" 4 Piece Specialist Pike Fly Rod

PIKESABER - Gunsmoke - 10 Weight 9'00" 4 Piece Specialist Pike Fly Rod

PIKESABER - New! Cork Butt - 10 Weight 9'00" 4 Piece Specialist Pike Fly Rod

PIKESABER - New! Duplon Butt model - 10 Weight 9'00" 4 Piece Pike Fly Rod

"The PIKESABER is the Pike Fly Rod that all others will be judged by".
That is the claim that we made for this rod when we unleashed it onto an unsuspecting market late last year. In the short time that it has been available, those claims have not only become reality, they have been surpassed.
The way that the rod has been received has been nothing short of amazing; to quote Brad Bohen, the "Afton Angler" and Musky King,
"The PIKESABER is now my all-time-favourite #1 Musky-Stick! I'm fully impressed with the full range of PIKESABER, cosmetics, performance - power, weight, loading, sensitivity, fish-handling you name it, it does it in spades!"
......... and this boy uses BIG flies

This rod has been designed by pike fly anglers FOR pike fly anglers, and this is evident in the look, the feel and the handling.

This pike fly rod is a delight to use. It is both light and strong and throws large pike flies with ease. The unground blank means that the rod is finished in an uncompromised, "as-manufactured" state, which retains maximum strength within the blank walls and ensures that all of the materials used in construction are doing their job properly. The spiral wrap is also unadulterated, which defies torsion building up within the blank, and so is the hard-baked resin outer coating, which maximises durability of the finish and length of life. No varnish to flake off!

To Quote Dave 'McFluffchucker' Lindsay -

"So all in all this rod has been very well thought out by pike fly anglers and they have come up with probably the best pike fly rod on the market at a great price. It really doesn't matter if you're looking for an entry level rod or stepping up to the next level this rod will be the only rod you will ever need, and at under 200 pounds UK this rod is far better than rods costing 4 times that much. I really cannot fault it in anyway , if you're a pike fly angler you really need to own one of these."
some top people who really know there stuff are praising this rod and you cant argue with that , the latest guide to feel the force is drew price from who is also praising the rod high praise indeed
but don't just think this is a pike and musky rod only it also makes a great carp fly rod and i used it for hauling gurglers through thick jungle for largemouth bass

if your somebody who chases big fish in either freshwater or saltwater then this is the rod for you

need to know more click the picture

tight lines and join the revolution


(a cave in scotland)

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