Sunday, 19 September 2010

sunday service

Sunday sermon and on the seventh day Greg and Ben did create the pikesaber on this joyith day we say to you go forth with your saber onto your lakes , rivers , streams and brooks creative and castith merry hell with thy saber and catch bloodyith bigith lumps of pikeith ..............amen brothers and sisters

CHAPTER 2 THE BOOK OF DREW VERSE 1(drew pickeith up the pikesaber and rejoiced in its wonderoused lightness)

and drew price said unto picking up the pikesaber

All praise thy pikesabers! Let them chucketh big assed coneheads and hourglass eyes with ease! To put thee fly in the tightest of cover with ease and accuracy! Alloweth gargantuan flies to be flung great distances without biblical might! Le...teth the Esox faithful to picketh upeth the Pikesaber and send forth a mighty cast without making it feel like it is castingeth a wet gym sock with a pool cue! Alloweth thy users to quickly subdue and releaseth both hammer handles and great beasts with minimal effort!

Let all Pike and Musky and Predator peoples know the names of Greg and Ben for their wonderous creation- the PIKESABER!!!!

and he went forth and gotith the money shot

Oh I do wisheth I had a Saber in my canoe today!
(one day he will return in the form of ups man and deliver unto me one)

i wisheith i was back in the statesith chucking flyith from thou canoeith and hearith endith the lesson and may we have compassion on the saberless ..............

oh how we did test it to the limiteith

and on the 8th day our messiah uncle gregith along with his foot washer and sausage maker scalsey did descend from derby to giveith the final lesson on the watereith and give thanks to those enlightened ones who know the true meaning of the pikesaber

i bring to you all on this hallowed water a pikesaber so all men may fish equal


I loveth thy saberith!!

and with that we all pissoffith down to the watereith and merrily chuckeith our fluffeith


now go and spread into the wind like a wondrous wet fart and spred the word of pikesaber for the ultimate creation is amongst us

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Razzle Dazzle said...

Those that believith in thy wisdom shall overcome the fishless days and be rewareded with tight lines.