Friday, 10 September 2010

the art of improvised cooking

i love being outside , i love being next to rivers lochs ans lakes sometimes its nice to sit under a tree and have a spot of lunch , but sometimes you can get a bit bored with the same old fishing food , sometimes pork pies , cheese sandwiches and scotch eggs (beef jerky i can never get enough off but it ain't a meal) so sometimes you just have to have a bacon sandwich or something hot .
well for the fly angler who likes to travel light rucksack , flies and rod there really isn't the option for fitting loads of cooking gear in a rucksack , however there is another way
tea light cooking
you see no matter how small your rucksack you can always fit a couple of small pans in and some tea lights a pack of bacon and some buttered bread
1- place tea lights in pan and light (if its a bit windy find a sheltered spot)

i take a small varnish bottle cleaned out with some cooking oil in and pour into the second pan and place on top of the 1st pan place only a little oil in if doing bacon as it heats up faster , if your cooking sausages you wont need oil because sausages have there own fat and this will seep out as they get hot and cook them

after a few Min's the bacon is laid in

then sit back enjoy the smell of bacon cooking in the wild , when cooked stick in between a couple of bits of buttered bread and enjoy a nice hot bacon sandwiches

there is of course a million variations on this fire lighters heat a pan very quickly and cook twice as fast as tea lights but the can leave a bad small on you clothing , you can also do this on a boat as well by placing wood down on the boat seat and cooking on that (fibreglass melts without the wood) and you can have a dam good meal on the boat without having to go to shore
try it out and you'll come up with your own ideas you'll be surprised how good it tastes
tight lines
(a cave in Scotland)

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Ryan said...

Now that is improvising! I love pictures of food. Nice job.

The Average Joe Fisherman