Thursday, 16 September 2010

piketrek muskie munchers

monster flies for big predators

these days if you look around on the net there is a massive variety of fly tying company's out there all desperate to take a dollar off you some off these company's don't have a massive range for the predator fly angler some indeed may only stock one or two items others more , this is why i always bang on about piketrek they are a small company with a lot of knowledge on pike and predator fishing and have been pike fishing for a lot of years so they know what to look for in a product , and they don't just buy and sell any product they actually test stuff to destruction before it goes on there website

so where do i come in well ill tell you i come in nowhere I'm not employed by them , i don't endorse stuff on my stuff for money and never would I've had offers before from company's but always turned them down preferring to keep and open and honest opinion on stuff that I'm sent to review and if its good ill write about it if its not ill say so simple

piketrek send me the odd packet of material or 3 to try and to be honest being on a limited budget is a god send so when i got a bag of new material to play with i was happy to do so , so whats chamaeleon fibre all about well its not the same as other ep type fibres out there in fact if you look at it closely you ll see that it has a crinkle running down the whole length of the individual fibre and it ties big flies very well and it sits better than ep when tying big 10 in flies

you can find more info on the chamaeleon range here

all the flies below are tied with piketrek products unless stated otherwise the hooks are eagle claw heavy duty 5/0 also available from the piketrek lads

so get on over to piketrek and see what they got on offer you'll be pleasantly surprised great value big packs everything the predator fly angler could want

see ya all soon


(a cave in Scotland)

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