Friday, 4 March 2011

blantons whistlers and other stories

esteemed fly fishing buddy Stevie slight called me today , hes on a loch on Sunday and needed a couple of blantons tied up for his trip off course as it was my day off from work i was happy to oblige actually even if i had been at work id have been able to do them happy to help , Stevie likes the blantons flashtail whistler its become his go to fly well that's how it goes if you catch fish on a pattern then of course you have confidence on that pattern if you have confidence then that's half the battle , the other half is getting the buggers to take it

I've been tying Dans fly for a while and used them no less or no more than any others in my box great fly and if you would like to know more about the history of Dans original from 1971 yes that's 1971 folks enjoy the master at work

Stevie's flies ready to go

OK so with Stevie's flies done i kinda decide id maybe have to see what i could do with a bit of a tweek here and there and see what i could up with well , i had a think and although it doesn't really need tweeking I'm just one of those guys that just likes to play with patterns and although this is one of those flies that really doesn't need any kind of tweeking at all as its the dogs as, it is trying something different so i came up with the fly below

the fly itself incorporates one of ken capsey over at pike adventures epoxy heads with a Dan blantons body the eyes are new rubberized roach eyes from pike trek fins them here

soft gels eyes OK so it may be nothing ground breaking or extraordinary but i think it will catch and look forward to fishing with it

so i ended up playing around with some materials and just doing some filling up of boxes , i mean i had all the stuff out so it would be rude not too make a load for my boxes really

so as I'm not fishing next week , well i may manage a few hours on a local but I'm so busy with flies and my other job I'm struggling to find the time for full day sessions , I'm working all the hours in preparation for paying for my 2 week jaunt to American in July chasing all sorts and having a blast with my American fly fishing buddies so guess it has to be done .

i have got a very cool day booked on a big water that should be fun so ill need to think long and hard about what ill need for it get it right and it will be a cracker so i suppose id better get off and do some research

later folks

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