Wednesday, 23 March 2011

got the jack with gliss and glint plus

nick over at deer creek sent me some bits to play with this week including some very cool realistic eyes , now eyes I'm on the fence with them do they help you catch more fish or doesn't it matter I'm really not sure to be honest i do however believe they provide a reference strike point in fish so maybe they do as i say I'm on the fence , one thing i do know for a fact is that they make flies look fantastic its quite stunning to see these eyes on a well made fly almost brings it alive so if its a confidence thing with eyes on your flies then these will give you it full stop .

deercreek have a full range of these realistic eyes and they are constantly coming out with new ones so click the picture below to check them out you'll find them in the fly tying section

deercreek is also home to gliss n glint and gliss n glint plus now if you not aware of this material let me give you a short breakdown glint and gliss is not a material I've come across before its a very slinky and mobile synthetic that has a shine to it which obviously is a great thing as it gives off a nice colour and shine in the water which is really what you need in bait fish patterns

the gliss and gliss plus is pretty much the same as above but it has fine metallic fiber through it which really does give of a nice body-wide flash to the fly , it also comes in a wide range of colours and its a really nice material to tie with my favorite with this is a plain old simple hollow tie again click the picture below to go there its in the fly tying section

i had been sent some really nice green gliss an glint plus a new colour for the range and straight away i thought mmmmmm roach as although it was green in the water it would darken up a bit and the flash would work really well so i decided to do a hot core with a satsuma stripe core that really shows through the white gliss and gliss plus really nicely this also has a custom 14mm roach eye from deercreek a stunning looking eye for really big flies and i hope they do other colours in this size as well .......

i really liked the new green colour (i think it may be called sea wave ) i really wanted to do something different with it so i sat and stared at it for a bit then i stared into box of gliss and glints and picked up a pack of sherbet colour and looked at them both and thought to myself , well the sherbet could be used for a belly and the sea wave for a back simple idea for a small jack pike i thought ....

so then i had a brainwave (kind of like a super-moon that once every 200 years or so) why not blend the 2 together , mmmmm well to be honest some years ago i saw an article on an American site about blending and thought that's an interesting idea well it was because nobody was doing it at the time , old Enrico puglisi or whatever his name is (him that does fly tying videos in his garden on windy days of ep fibre fame) hadn't started doing it yet but i saw this article at the time and gave it a try with a bag of white and a bundle of angel hair , the end result was something that looked like a cats puked up fur ball so as you can understand i was somewhat hesitant of trying it again and wasting valuable resource ..............

i thought id still give it a try because half the jobes already been done because the flash is already blended in and the fibre itself is a little stiffer than ep so i was hoping i would be able to blend it without hopefully 2 much trouble or mess , i really wanted to blend these 2 colours as i thought they would look really good together so i set to work and i was very happy with result (ill do a blog on blending later in the week) as you can see above it looks pretty shit hot i did at the very end of the tye add a bit of black synthetic fibre along the back but in future ill just do this with perm marker as it will be a lot easier and there's enough of the fly in bulk anyway so i would be able to get away with that no problem

I've also asked nick over at deercreek if he would do a yellow and green blend of gliss n glint which he said he will and send a sample up , the reason is i think it would make a rather nice jackpike pattern so i look forward to that and i have the blending thing in my head with this now so no doubt you'll be seeing a few interesting looking combos over the following days and as i said i will do a step by step for blending it as if i can do it anyone can .
see ya all soon ice breakers and deer grillers
(a cave in Scotland)

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the lonsome piker said...

Hi Dave, I share your view on the use of eyes, certainly on baitfish patterns. If they have to look that nice, I doubt it. But even if it isn’t for the fish we put them on, I like the way my flies look back at me, and as you put it, they become more alive!