Saturday, 19 March 2011

party weekend

OK so your probably wondering what the f@@k was going on with the blog yesterday well my brother in Vermont was taking ice fishing to extremes by falling through the ice but luckily the daft sod only went waist deep although the VT water dept said it may take some time to clear the waste up ..................nice bro

anyway back to this weekend and I've got a massive long weekend of party's although I'm not having them I'm working them so gives me a chance to catch up with some stuff although tying flies ain't an option this weekend so did a few yesterday .

my muskie busters caused a bit of a stir so i decided to go with a more trad colour of red head and white body the head is spun deer hair but not packed tight this will mean it will give of plenty of sonics under the water and plenty of noise on top of it my next plan is to do some with dumbbell eyes to get a bottom hugging version ........

the tails on these and the others i posted up a few days are whiting farm bugger woolly bugger packs , really impressed with quality of the feather although you pay a premium for such things but £13.oo a pack for 2 big wings ain't so bad i remember not so long ago paying 11 pounds for one wing about the same size from an online company, if your interested you local orvis store will have the if not they will be able to order them in great long feathers well worth the money

i know its not pretty to look at compared to other sub bug type flies i do , if you haven't been there here's the link subbuggin adventures in deerhair plenty of stuff to keep you amused on there , the thing with these is to generate noise be it on the surface or under it get the predators attention and thats half the battle and these things really do shake em up
i wanted also to do something massive , i really wanted to tie a big fly just for the hell of it so above is tied on a 8/0 o shaugnassy hook and is near ten inchs in length , oh and quite fishable as ive tied it with is very very light so although its bloody big being tied hollow tie style its very fishable kinda looks like a small jackpike it will give a great profile when wet

so thats about me for this weekend and if in the absense of you having nothing better to do this week check out some of the fantastic blogs and websites in the menue there is fantastic people out there doing this and you can also learn a whole heap of new stuff
a big shout out to my brother whos doing some cool shit in his cave

enjoy your weekend folks
a cave in scotland

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wow you really have some skill!